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Welcome to the Pride Connections website!

The Podcast:

Pride Connections is the weekly LGBTQI Podcast that inspires others to do great things in our world. The objective behind the podcast is to connect inspiring LGBTQ community members to each other.


Melissa DaSilva

Podcaster/ Therapist/ Teacher/ Serial Entrepreneur/ Artist/ Public Speaker/ Coach/ Animal lover/World Traveler

Melissa is the creator and host of “Pride Connections” podcast. This project began when Melissa was working with members of the LGBTQ community in her private therapy practice.  Many of these individuals were doing wonderful things that she knew would benefit other clients that she worked with. Pride Connections was developed as a way for people to share and connect with each other.  Through Pride Connections they have been able to share information and create a cohesive community.

Most of what Melissa does, has been a lifelong evolution.  She started working on the beach in a swimsuit shop as a manager at 14.   She was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.  She knew that eventually she would have her own business.  

Not knowing how starting her own business would eventually happen, she studied social work and graduated from Rhode Island College with a focus on School Social work.  For many years she worked in schools creating programs and teaching health. It was at this time she became aware of the needs of LGBTQ students and the staff working with them.  

Melissa wanted the ability to create more change in the world and branched out of School Social Work and opened her first business, “East Coast Mental Wellness”.  She specialized in working with LGBTQ individuals and couples.  As her practice grew, she started bringing on more clinicians that specialized in other areas, such as substance abuse, life transitions and postpartum depression. She wanted her therapy practice to be a place where clients had a choice of the therapist that best suited their specific need.  Her clients get to choose the therapist based on their specialty, not on the time slots available.  

Melissa has always enjoyed teaching others. She continues to do so by offering trainings and workshops to schools and businesses facilitating interaction with LGBTQ individuals.  She has been featured on podcasts such as “Shameless Mom Academy” and “Sister Mixin”.  She offers coaching services to therapists that are looking for help in their private practice.  

When Melissa is not involved with creating programs, doing podcasts or holding workshops you can find her creating art.  She is a self-proclaimed “upcycling queen”.  She repurposes used items and makes them useful again.  Her therapy office features many of her upcycles items.  Her office has been featured in the blog FreshPractice.com.  
Melissa loves meeting new people and networking.  If you are interested in any of her services or would just like to connect, she can be contacted at her office or you may follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.